AwardWallet – The Best Free Program to Track Travel Rewards


AwardWallet is a fantastic free service that allows you to manage all your travel points/miles in one place. It’s a real time saver when you are managing dozens of loyalty accounts with varying expiration dates.

AwardWallet stores all your travel loyalty information (SSL securely encrypted), updates your account balances weekly, alerts you when your miles or points are expiring, and reminds you of upcoming travel plans and changes to your itineraries. Furthermore, you can add multiple accounts for family members and track their reward information as well.

There are two versions of AwardWallet available, the free version and the plus version. Here is a chart explaining the differences:

award wallet regular vs plus

Creating Your AwardWallet Account

To get started, create a free account.

You will need to fill out the registration form, including your name, email address, and desired password.  They will then send you an email link to verify your account.

You are now ready to add your loyalty programs.

add award program

As you can see from the navigation options. There are 10 different categories that you can browse, or you can simply type in the reward program you are looking for.

Add New Program

I’m going to demonstrate with American Airlines. Scroll down the list or type in American Airlines into the search bar and then click on the green add + button when you find it.

That will bring you to this screen below which asks for you AAadvantage login information. The information is stored on AwardWallet’s SSL encrypted server so that you can check your account balances on any computer.

Go ahead and add any other reward accounts that you want to track at this time.

After you are done adding, you will see the following information. You can see your account balances, expiration dates, and any status you have. In the far right column, you can refresh the account to update points, edit the login information, or delete the whole thing.


If you want to update all balances at once, you can look in the upper right side of the screen and click “update all.” Doing so will cause the program to cycle through all accounts and check for updates.

Add New Program 5

A Few Issues

Some of the frequent flyer programs have denied AwardWallet access to their sites. Delta, Southwest, and United have restricted full access to AwardWallet, but it is possible to get around the restrictions.

award workaround

To get it to work normally, just log into your Delta, Southwest, and United accounts, and change your email address to [AwardWallet username]  

This technique works because Delta, Southwest, and United will send weekly or monthly account updates to your Award Wallet email address, which then updates your AwardWallet accounts. AwardWallet will then forward those emails to your email address and you’re set!

The Cash Cow Conclusion

AwardWallet is an excellent free service that will save you time. In my opinion, it is the best option available to track travel rewards.

They also released a nice smartphone app that allows you to do all of this and more in a simplified interface. If you have a smartphone, make sure to grab the app.

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