The Value of Time

You’ve heard it said, “Time is Money.”

That’s a lie. Time is far more valuable than money – or anything money can buy.

Neither talent, nor genius will result in more time. Those who work hard don’t get an extra tick on the 24 hours per day. At the same time, none will be withheld from the sloth who finds no purpose in life. He still has his 24 hours per day to spend as he sees fit.

There is no indebtedness with time. No ability to spend more than you make. You cannot borrow from tomorrow or reclaim time spent yesterday. There is only the present moment.

I think that an overwhelming number of people would structure their lives differently if they took a minute to reflect on the immense value of time. The rat race and the corporate grind would become much less appealing. Life would no longer be about accumulating enough wealth to retire.

It would be more about finding meaning and fulfillment throughout a lifetime. It might mean changing careers or learning how to monetize a passion, even if that meant taking a pay cut.

As you spend your day, think about what brings value to your life. Reflect on how you spend your time. If you only had a year to live, would you care about that new car or fancy house? Would you be worried about chasing that next dollar?

Maybe instead of worrying about how to live on $75,000/year, we can all think about how to better live on 24 hours/day.

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