Sleep Like a Baby in Free Luxury Hotels

Our recent tour of Texas was a smashing success. We enjoyed seeing all of the major cities and sampling the finest foods at half price (thanks, Groupon). In addition to the discounted foods, the short domestic flights were booked using

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Successful Yard Sale Make Money

How to Have a Crazy Successful Yard Sale

It’s summer, and that means it’s yard sale time. It’s that time of year where the Cash Cow Couple goes hunting for Christmas gifts for the whole family. We buy used, spiff it up, and give some righteously awesome secondhand

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People Pleasing Will Make You Poor

How many times have you gone and spent money that you didn’t have just to avoid conflict or that awkward conversation that would have forced you to admit that you just can’t afford it? How many times have you said

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20 Things I Won’t Pay For

I really like saving money. It’s my natural tendency after so many years of practice – and I have to try to hard to “splurge.” I think my ability to save is a valuable asset, so I’ve put together a

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The Value of Time

You’ve heard it said, “Time is Money.” That’s a lie. Time is far more valuable than money – or anything money can buy. Neither talent, nor genius will result in more time. Those who work hard don’t get an extra tick

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setting financial goals Personal Financial Planning

How to Set and Achieve Financial Goals

Goal setting is a crucial part of financial planning. Without clearly defined financial goals, it can be difficult to make any financial progress. Yogi Berra highlighted this point long ago: “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know

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